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The Journey

"We ate a CBD Gummy every night for a well rested sleep"

Voyage Organics was founded through the love of travel and the need for recovery after a day of adventuring. Wellness products for the modern-day traveler. 

We’ve been lucky enough to have traveled across the country multiple times in our converted Sprinter van alongside our road dog, Cruzer. We’ve been to a lot of places, each all with an adventure as a goal. We wanted to have a fun, active, and meaningful experience at each stop whether it was planned for or not. We went on countless mind-blowing hikes, snowboarded fresh powder, surfed, river surfed, whitewater rafted, mountain biked, visited various skateparks and pump tracks, fished and camped, sometimes without another soul around. 


To end the day we would usually make a home-cooked meal in the van and hang around the campfire or in the van. The one thing that really kept us consistently sleeping through the night and pushing through those long drives was our supply of Hemp gummies and lotions. We would use the lotion on sore muscles, (knees and shoulders especially) and eat the gummies before bed for a much-needed restful night after a long day.  


After using the product consistently on the road, we could see the positive effects on our mood, stability and sleep. We also know that the product we are taking every day (and giving to our dog) is coming from a boutique family-owned farm that we have visited ourselves. We’ve been part of the process and know that the plant has been grown, cultivated and processed using the highest standards for organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free cannabis plants. 


When we finally reached our final destination we were greeted with friends and family who had ailments, soreness, sickness or difficulty sleeping and we were happy to turn them on to the same products we have been using. We now want to share with you these products we believe in. From the farm to your next adventure, enjoy nature's wellness for the modern-day adventure traveler.

 About Us - Brand Story

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